Friday, September 6, 2013

RED {Five Minute Friday}

She gazes at the crisp white sheet as if the rest of her life depends on the next twenty minutes. Her heart is heavy and self expectation high- too high. It's a simple math test. She knows all the concepts.

What she fears more than anything is my response. What will the teacher's red marks reveal? Do they tell her she's approved? Accepted? Rejected? Stupid? Unable? Not good enough?

She misses a minor step here, and forgets a label there. I attempt to put small check marks with a bright red pen, hoping she will receive it as a learning opportunity. Not a reason to doubt. But the tears come and the insecurities take over. She didn't get 100%. She's not good enough. She's less than perfect.

I guide her to another red. There's this crimson red blood offering freedom through words of red. Red inscriptions from the Good Teacher. Marks and letters, messages written in scarlet speaking the only truth. The one truth she must regard more than anything; more than my plastic ball-point-pen could ever speak.

He says it simply and profoundly:
Come to Me. I will give you rest. Learn from Me. I am gentle. You will find rest for your souls. My yoke is easy. My burden is light. Follow me.

That's all He requires. That's all He expects. That's all He asks. Come to Him. He expects no perfection, just holy intention. He knows your weakness, struggles, shortcoming, and insecurities. He's created you for good works and written it all in RED.

Joining hundreds of Jesus lovers who just write, not worrying if it's just right or not over at Lisa-Jo's space. This week's prompt- RED.

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