Friday, August 16, 2013

Small {Five Minute Friday}

Sometimes the day drags on and I find myself doing nothing more than entertaining or being entertained.  Friends on Facebook are cooking and canning and cleaning and making schedules and checking off items on their to-do list. Me? I'm trying to decide at 7:30pm what in the world we will have for dinner. I need to be more like them.

Then she calls and says those words to me- "my son thinks your family is the standard. He thinks he should have just as much time on the video games each day as your son." And I'm feeling even smaller than I was a minute ago.

I sit with a friend on my deck. We sit out here because inside the house is plastic and plaster and wet paint and too much reconstruction. I wanted to tell her not to even bother- please choose another day. But this couldn't wait. She is more important than my mess and she really doesn't even care what the house looks like. Or if I have cabinets sitting on the floor waiting to be installed and groceries on tables covered by sheets. What she needs is a listening ear and a prayerful friend. What she needs is a repentant daughter and a God that saves to the uttermost.

And my small heart is undergoing a little reconstruction of its own.

Today we celebrate sixteen years of marriage. Sixteen years! It feels huge to me, but then I see those other women and how they've survived unspeakable battles and decades of motherhood and married life, and my story seems small and insignificant again. It's only sixteen years.

But, it is our sixteen years. And we are headed away for the weekend to enjoy a break, to enjoy each other, to escape a half-finished kitchen, and remind ourselves of the small things- the things that keep us going and keep us looking up. Happy 16th Anniversary to my best friend!

(Writing today with the community at Lisa-Jo's where we love to just write without worrying if it's just right or not. Set the timer for five minutes and write on this prompt- Small. Then come share with us.)

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  1. I can relate with the "what's for dinner" question! Happy Anniversary to you and your best friend:)

  2. That's right...It's in the small things that make life grand! Happy Anniversary! And 16 years is not's your story and your accomplishment! Praying you have a great time away this weekend! :)Thanks for sharing on FMF!


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