Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Cast Because He Cares

I don’t doubt the splitting of the sea, the calming of the storm, the turning of water to wine, or even the raising of a dead man. I can clearly envision steel chains and prison bars miraculously being loosed. I am in awe of a God supplying bread from Heaven, not just once or twice or even a hundred times, but day after day for forty years to an ungrateful and undeserving generation.
A God that pours water from rocks and sprouts fruit from sticks? Surely He does the impossible. No doubt nothing is too hard for Him. I know it, and I believe it, and then we open math books, and the directions don’t make sense, and the questions lead to more questions and I am but one teacher. One minute lost in praise and wonder, the next drowning in place value, expanded form, addends, and subtrahends.

And it’s my turn to question the Teacher: Why does it matter, Lord? What is the point of knowing how to write the same number four ways? Can’t we just go back to our carpet, sing more songs, and be showered in the Word? Let’s get back on our knees and just wait- wait for that strength that I so desperately need right now.
The big things are never too big! God is a God of THE BIG. He’s moving mountains and feeding thousands! But what about the small? Forget the thousands, what about the ONE? What about the math? What about the hard questions and the bad attitudes? What happens when there is nothing BIG and I’m surrounded by little? Just me and these little hearts ready to learn and to grow and to soak it all in. Why is it when my trials are ‘small,’ my God becomes even smaller?
“God is many things: a ruling God, a righteous, a judging God, a holy God. He is also a feeling God. He who knows no sin feels for us who do.”
~Beth Moore, Jesus The One and Only.
What a big job it seemed, declaring salvation to the Ninevites. And what a small thing to offer shade for the messenger. Sending the mighty angel to deliver news of a coming messiah? Not so big that God would neglect to comfort the young handmaiden through the confirming proclamation of an over aged aunt.

This God of grace, God of love, this Consuming Fire. He’s surrounded these little ones with angles- angles that present themselves before the Lord Himself- and I take comfort; I rest in complete assurance knowing that at any moment six of these mighty beings are present. Protecting. Ministering. Taking guard over the one appointed to them. Standing strong in my little classroom.

God’s plan is in effect; His works are evident. I CAN see them in the small if I’m not distracted by the big. That smile and those bright eyes when he suddenly ‘gets it.’ When it all makes sense, and who knew rounding to the ten thousandths place was actually this simple! Who knew the God of the Big was concerned about Declaratives, Interrogatives, joining words, and simple subjects. WHO KNEW?!
Cast your cares upon Him ‘cause He cares for you. And I do, and I am! I’m casting and He’s caring and we’re progressing… one punctuation mark at a time. What Little thing are you seeing Him in? Please share!

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  1. The joy that comes in our little conversations here at home, the light in the eyes when connections are made and even when they see that I'm learning, too. God is in all that.
    He cares about all the big and little things! And your work there with those kids, it's huge.

    1. "And even when they see that I'm learning too." YES! Praise God that we don't have to know it all and as they learn, we learn, and we struggle and move forward together.
      Yes, it's a big work, because it's His work. We're digging and we're planing and He will be faithful to water and give the increase :)


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