Friday, February 17, 2012

Creative Book Report

I won’t attempt to take credit for this project, since it was assigned by my 5th grade son’s teacher. However, because he had so much fun with this assignment (and what child ENJOYS book reports?!), I decided I just had to share! This is the

The assignment was fairly simple-

1.       Complete a book containing at least 125 pages. (My son chose The Call of the Wild by Jack London.)
2.       Completely cover a cereal box with paper.
3.       Create a fun cereal name that reflects your book and decorate the front of your box. (My son decided to name his cereal Wild Buck Wheaties. So creative, I know!)

4.       Decorate the top of your box with the Title, Author, and Illustrator of your book.

5.       Decorate the bottom of your box with your name and date. (My son added a box top!)

6.       Fill the sides of your cereal box with fun facts about the book. Be original! We laughed as my son inserted some comical statements here:


Vitamin A for AWESOME
Vitamin C for COOL
Vitamin D for DARING

Serving size- 1 ton of Action

Side Effects May Include:
Uncontrollable Hunger,
Midnight Howling,
Sharpening of the Teeth,
& Rapid Hair Growth

(Eat at your own risk)
(Not liable for Dog-Like Behavior)

7.       And finally, write a thorough summary of your book including the plot, setting, and main characters.

Isn’t this a great idea? Joey thought so, and so did his mom! J

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