Thursday, January 12, 2012

God's Little Blessings

For the last month, I’ve been extremely inconsistent in the area of fitness. It’s been a struggle to run just a few times a week, and I’m paying the consequences for it! Since I slacked off, I have gotten out of shape and made running even a short distance incredibly difficult. It’s so discouraging to go through this struggle, knowing I’m capable of going further because I have done it in the past, but also knowing I have to work back up to that place.

My main struggle is that I haven’t wanted to run alone lately. I used to run solo just fine! I even enjoyed the solitude I found in that time with just me, the outdoors, and the Lord. I’m not sure why my thinking has changed in this area, but hope I can get out of this ‘funk’ soon! My hubby has been so gracious to run with me when he can, even skipping the gym (which he much prefers) to come straight home after work and run with his needy wife. However, this results in us running the dark, which is not the best of circumstances. I can’t wait until the sun decides to stick around longer each day!

Yesterday I was having a difficult day, and knew I would feel better if I got out of the house and spent some time praying. So, I made myself do it; I made myself run alone! I put those shoes on and decided I would take a new route; enjoy a change of scenery. I hadn’t voiced to God my desire to run with someone. I hadn’t asked Him for a running buddy. But He knows our hearts and our desires, doesn’t He?  

You understand my thought afar off…. For there is not a word on my tongue, but behold, O LORD, You know it altogether. –Psalm 139:2,4

So I’m running, trying desperately to enjoy it, forcing myself to observe the blessings around me (thanks to a little perspective change from a friend) when all of a sudden this little guy scares
the bajeebers out of me! He came out of nowhere, and at first I thought he was chasing me. After a while, I realized he was running with me! God sent me a running buddy! I literally started laughing! Yes, my run was slightly interrupted since I had to take pics- I didn’t want to forget this! Have you ever tried running and using your cell phone’s camera at the same time? I don’t recommend it! But I’m glad I did J

Yes, it was only a silly bird, but I knew it was a little gift, just for me from my ever present God. On a trying day full of disappointment and tears, He met me and reminded me that He is always there, always comforting, always making Himself known, always offering ways to ease my burdens. I was filled with thanksgiving and joy. I don’t usually laugh on my runs! This day I did. Eventually my new friend ventured off into a nearby field (I think those short stubby legs got tired) and I was slightly disappointed to see him go. However, I was thankful he didn’t follow me home, since I would feel obligated to feed him, and then he might stay indefinitely.

Here is a short video of our run together. Such a cute little thing. (I apologize for how shaky it is -remember, I was trying to run- and in an attempt to save myself the embarrassment of allowing you to hear my labored breathing, I added music, but for some reason it's not working! Ugh. Again, I appologize, now you get to hear just how out of shape I am.) I wasn’t going to include the video, but decided I must, so you can fully enjoy my blessing with me!

God's Little Blessings

The LORD has been mindful of us; He will bless us; He will bless the house of Israel; He will bless the house of Aaron.

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  1. Too funny! What a blessing. If I didn't have little ones needing watched, I'd love to run!

  2. Totally awesome!!!

  3. That would be wonderful, Staci! There is a season for everything, and maybe one day God will let us be running partners!

    Nice to see you here, Mom! :)

  4. That is hilarious! Love the music, too. God knows when we need a good smile : ) I was going to make a joke about enjoying His "pheasants", but that seemed kinda "foul". *cheese*
    Thanks for the link ; )

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Rachel!
      One thing I think I will appriciate about blogging is being able to look back through the year and REMEMBER the things God has done... the little things I may otherwise forget. Not only that, but unlike a private journal or diary, I can look back and see all my friends walking, laughing, crying with me along the way as well! What a blessing :)

    2. I couldn't agree more! It's a blessing to be able to look back. :)


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