Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Are My Chances?

Omnipotent- Having all power
Omniscient- Having all knowledge
Omnipresent- Always present- Present in all places at all times
Is God omnipotent? Yes. Is God omniscient? Yes. Is God omnipresent? Yes. Do you really believe this? Let me rephrase that- Do I really believe this? Um… I thought so. *Sigh* This blogging thing is becoming really hard on my ego.

The Holy Spirit used a conversation I had with my mom through Facebook messaging to reveal again my heart of unbelief. Let me start from the beginning.

A few days ago, the family sat around watching HGTV. (Have I mentioned I adore this channel? That I feel inspired by it, even though almost every wall in my house remains bare…. I may be afraid of commitment.)After multiple episodes of amazing transformations, HGTVs Dream Home 2012 came on. Eyes glued to the TV, we watched in awe as they revealed room after room of beauty and surprise. Let me tell you, this home has it all! If you ever dreamed of THE perfect home, this is it!

Not only is this house amazing, but they are GIVING IT AWAY! Wait, it gets even better. The blessed receiver will not only be handed this FULLY FURNISHED 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION, but also a brand spanking new 2012 GMC TERRAIN, and (as if that’s not enough) $500.000!!!! Can you say “Mine, mine, mine, mine (insert seagulls from Finding Nemo)?” I think you can envision the pools of drool on my hardwood floor as four pairs of eyes gazed covetously at the TV screen. We were ready to pack up and move to Utah! Before the episode was over, I was on the computer entering to win, OF COURSE!

My son (age 10½) was begging me, “please mom, can we get it, can we get it?” I gently reminded him that I had no control over who would win this unbelievable prize, that all I could do was enter the drawing, and that he should pray and ask God for this house. He was instantly disappointed, stating “since we don’t NEED the house, God won’t give it to us.” “But Joseph, the bible says If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!’ (Matt 7:11) God does not only give us what we need, He enjoys blessing us just as we enjoy blessing each other. But you have to ask Him.” See what a wonderfully spirit filled mom I am. Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself too. BUT NOT FOR LONG.

The next day I sent my mom a Facebook message (private of course), telling her she needed to enter this drawing so one of us could win. I explained that she shouldn’t tell anyone else
about the drawing because if they entered, it would lessen our chance of winning (hence the private message). There’s that word- chance. Ugh. But I don’t believe in chance. I believe that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent! I believe He is in control and I leave nothing in the hands of chance. Really? Hmmmm, your thinking would say otherwise. Yes, I was once again being convicted.

I was equally convicted of attempting to steal a blessing and a gift that God may have for someone else by being deceitful and selfish. As if I could do anything to keep this unbelievable home from being handed over to the one God already decided would receive it! Do I really think I’m all that?! Apparently so.

Well, I’ve made a short story long. To wrap it up, I confessed my selfishness, unbelief, and pride, and thanked God for revealing my heart to me again. I am now giving you the links to enter (however, I don’t think I can pray for you to win… I’m not quite there yet L). You can enter twice a day, once here, and once here. (I enter four times a day- once at each site for my hubby, and once at each site for myself). See, I’m giving you all my secrets!

I really do hope one of us wins! Oh, and if you win, you must have us over for a nice loooooooonnnnnnngggg visit! J

“Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” –Mark 9:24

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  1. Your a wise & wonderful woman. I enjoy reading your blog. =)

  2. Well hello, Sheena! I'm so honored you stopped by and read :) And thanks for the comment, however, my confessions should make realize I am anything but 'wise and wonderful.'
    I really am glad to see you here, and flad you enjoy reading. Hope to hear from you again soon. God bless you!

  3. You are too funny, Steph. And the verse, Matt.7:11? I'll have to share with you how much that has meant to me lately, and how God is teaching me.
    I won't enter the drawing, by the way. And I won't pray you get it, because Utah is too far away ;)

  4. Tresta, Tresta, Tresta. You are one of the best friends ever and a turd all at the same time. I'm so glad you FINALLY stopped by and left me a message! I feel so blessed. And you're a turd because you didn't bother to tell me you were blogging! I'm supposed to know these things! I'm reminded of a quote I read on Pinterest: 'If you're going to be a turd, go lie in the yard.' (You know I don't mean it, right.)
    I can't wait to hear all about Matt 7:11! And if I'm supposed to go to Utah, I will win the house :) Heehee, and you'll have to come visit! Oh wait, you're already moving into a mansion.
    Love you, sister! So glad to hear from you!


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