Monday, January 9, 2012

Make a Decision to Make Decisions

God created each of us with freewill. He voluntarily bestowed upon us choices to make. He granted us passions, desires, aspirations, and wishes. He fashioned our brains to think logically and make reasonable choices.  Most days I'm thankful for this and appreciate the opportunity to be my own person. Other days I prefer He turn me into a robot and manipulate my every move so I don’t have to think and risk making a wrong decision. Do you ever have these days? Do you ever wish He would just take control and make your life perfect?

Since there are few things God forces upon us (two things we really have no say in are our birth and death), we must make a decision to make decisions! Day after day we must decide on
little things (what to eat, what to wear, to brush our teeth, how fast or slow to drive, to exercise) and big things (where to work, what school to attend, where to live, how to treat our family members, whether or not to read our bible). Many of us spend much time contemplating these issues, assuring we make the best possible decisions. However, the biggest decisions we will ever have to make are in answering these two critical questions:

1.       Who is Jesus Christ?
      2.       What will I do with Him?

I put them in that order simply because we cannot possibly answer the second question until we have carefully answered the first. And once we have answered the first, we have no choice but to address the second.

I know this is a short post; probably my shortest post ever! However, I feel it necessary to ensure that you have taken the time to prayerfully and purposefully consider and answer these questions before you move into eternity. Because for all we know, we could find ourselves there next week, or tomorrow, or even today! And if we make a million wrong decisions in this life, we need to be assured that our answers to these questions are not one of them.

So now’s the time! Make a decision to make decisions! Leave your answers to these two questions in the comments below. If you are uncomfortable doing that publicly, you can send me a personal email at I will offer some scriptures that may help to answer them in another post, but I truly hope you take time to answer them yourself first!
He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter
answered and said to Him, “You are the Christ.”
-Mark 8:29
I can’t wait to read your responses J
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