Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday- Story

Most weeks I read my dear friend Tresta’s Five Minute Friday write up and am incredibly blessed. How does she do that in five minutes!? Well, this morning I too took the plunge. Five Minutes? I’ll give it a shot. I can ramble for five minutes! Today’s writing prompt- Story-


We ALL have a story. We are ALL living a story. As I lay in bed last night, I reflect on the day’s visit with my wonderful friends at the lake, the great scare we had as our dear friend and her two boys almost got swept away in the tides that have their own story.  I reflected on the life I’ve lived with these wonderful women and their children- years and years of growing and learning, failing and learning some more, receiving grace, offering grace, learning, always learning. And I see that STORY taking shape. I know someday there will be not only a precise beginning, but a clear climax and an ending. Today I look at my life and think- where are we going… what am I doing? But in the midst of the story, you can’t actually SEE the story can you. While I LIVE the story day in and day out, I cannot fathom where I am in my story or what the outcome will be.  I long for those days of ‘knowing.’ I want to reach into the past and take them back. We knew we would have nap time and we would have snack, and we would watch a 30 minute Veggie Tale. We KNEW! Now, I don’t know what’s happening in my story and it makes life HARD. The unknown is hard.

And I find I had so much more to say and five minutes goes by far too quickly! Thanks for the prompt Lisa-Jo, and for your faithful five minutes, Tresta!

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  1. Today is my first time to take the 5 minute challenge, too. Five minutes sure flies! Your story was great!

    1. Thanks so much Sandi! I enjoyed reading your story as well! :)

  2. See how fun that was? Good stuff, Steph. So glad to share this part of the story with you!

  3. Visiting from the 5 Minute Friday, and what a beautiful first post. Even though we live our stories, He has so much more to reveal to us! Have a beautiful day.


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